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Walking up and down, up and down on the Cornish coast path... by Jo Marriott

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

[Jo is Head of Volunteer Fundraising for Cancer Research UK in Cambridgeshire. She joined me on 4 September for the leg from Porthtowan to Perranporth, Cornwall, together with Philippa Hurst, who heads CR UK's Volunteer Fundraising Operations and Planning team.]

Jo and Philippa looking back after climbing the first hill out of Porthtowan bay. Little did we know how many more hills were to come!

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of joining Laurence in beautiful Cornwall with Philippa and Trudy, two of my Cancer Research UK (CRUK) colleagues. Coming from the flat fenland area of the UK certainly hadn’t prepared me for the climbs in the walk from Porthowan to Perranporth.  My calf muscles reminded me of their exertions for a few days after!

Don't look down, eyes on the (very narrow and crumbly) path...

Steep gravel paths through colourful gorse and heather led us to the most beautiful views of the Cornish coast when we reached the top.  The disused old tin mines dotted along the landscape were a reminder of days past and Britain’s heritage.

The flowering heather and gorse look beautiful, but are not for touching.

Anyone who’s walked with Laurence so far will know how many stories he’s already gathered along the way and he kept us entertained throughout with tales from his travels and I’ll certainly be buying a copy of the book if/when it’s written.

More disused tin mines than in an episode of Poldark!

My eldest daughter is 14 and has recently had the HPV vaccine along with her school friends.  I’m incredibly grateful that this means that she will be in the generation where cervical cancer won’t affect her or her friends.

Spectacular beach at Perranporth, early in the morning before the arrival of surfers and swimmers.

I’m proud to be supporting Laurence on behalf of CRUK and look forward to joining him again for another leg of the journey (but I might check the map first for the flatter part)!

Arrived, ready for a drink!

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