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The Piggery, World Cup and hike

Marta, Julia, Stephen, Lee, Stewart and Laurence ready to hike

From Lee and Marta Moersen, who joined on Friday 23 May:

We caught up with Laurence in Chichester, West Sussex. Laurence picked us up at the train station in his camper, and we loved it; it is just perfect for the one-year adventure. Laurence told us to climb in, and Lee headed to grab the front right seat, so Laurence and Marta had to laugh. You’re on the wrong side Lee; you’re not driving! Good start to the next 24 hrs. Before heading to the Airbnb, we walked through quaint Chichester, visiting their Roman wall and the beautiful 13th century cathedral.

Our Airbnb, Piggery Cottage, a former pig farm, was very clean with bright sunlight coming in through the windows and views of horses, donkeys and alpacas. We walked a couple blocks from the cottage to the Anchor Inn, had dinner, and watched a World Cup game (Croatia 3, Argentina 0).

In morning we drove to the starting point where we met up with Steve, Laurence’s younger brother, and his smart and spunky 8th grade daughter, Julia. With them was Steve’s friend, a horticulturist named Stuart.

Taking the scenic route to Bosham...

We enjoyed glorious sunny weather, perfect for the nature trails of West Sussex. Our group of 6 hiked 8 miles from Dell Quay to Bosham, along miles of estuary, having plenty of room because it was low tide. To our right was beautiful country farmland and to our left a harbor filled with sailboats. Small bridges led us over clean fresh-water streams flowing into the estuary.

On the outskirts of Bosham at mile 7 we stopped at a wonderful coffee shop overlooking the estuary for nourishing caffeine and cakes. From there we walked to lunch at the White Swan in downtown Bosham – great food and great game (Brazil 2, Costa Rica 0).

Stone walled garden adjoining the estuary

We had an amazing day with Laurence. We wish we had booked an extra couple days to hike with him and support the cause.

That must've been a good joke!

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