Never walked that far in my life...

This blog platform is for everyone involved in this effort; we don't just want to be subjected to my ramblings. Hopefully we'll hear from a wide variety of voices. This post is from Jo Marriott, who is the person at Cancer Research UK dealing with Laurence (all credit to Jo for taking me on!)

Before: Laura Holland and Jo Marriott from Cancer Research UK on Seaford beach, catching the breeze...


I first met Laurence last September when we met to talk about his plan to raise money for Cancer Research UK (CRUK).  Fast forward 9 months to 16 June 2018 and I was incredibly honoured to send Laurence off on his incredible journey to walk 3500 miles over a year in aid of CRUK. 

My role in the fundraising team at CRUK means that I get the chance to meet many of our incredible supporters who give up their spare time to support the charity in various ways.  Hearing their personal stories is always such a privilege and gives me the motivation to do my bit to beat cancer.

From our initial meeting, I could sense Laurence’s quiet determination to honour Melitta’s memory and influence changes around HPV vaccination and screening, he knew what he wanted to do and I just had to help him make it happen.

When I said that I’d be there to join him on the first day with my colleague Laura I didn’t realise quite how far we would be walking though!  I take my dog for a short walks but that definitely didn’t prepare me for the 14 miles that we covered from Seaford to Brighton – I’m still nursing the blisters to prove that I did it though. This small challenge for me was nothing compared to what Laurence has committed to for the next year which will save lives as a result.

The second day when we waved him off a bit further around the coast at Shoreham-by-Sea, I will admit to feeling like a proud parent sending her child off into the big wild world!

Laurence – you are an incredibly inspiring man and I’m proud to be supporting you through the next year!

14 miles later, that drink tastes good...

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