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Lost in the tiny Cumbrian village of Kirkbride...I hope they find her.

The oldest post box in Cumbria is in the village of Abbeytown. Look carefully and you'll see something very strange. Or, rather, you won't see anything. Unprecedented among post boxes in Britain - they are all stamped with the initials of the monarch reigning at the time. The postmaster didn't know why. A mystery!

Who knew? Dalemain House in Cumbria hosts the world's "original marmalade" awards. My Airbnb host won a prize for her delicious bitter marmalade with black treacle. I can taste why. I would've given it a gold!

Screenshot from my wifi connection at a recent Airbnb. I was excited to see that there was a police van nearby, presumably about to make a raid on a nearby house. I waited, and waited, excited. Then my daughter texted me and explained that it was probably a joke. And indeed, I guess she was right, as no drama occurred that night. Silly old Dad!

Board outside a pub explaining the origin of its name. But look at the middle of the second paragraph: "citation needed". I guess this was transcribed directly from Wikipedia!


The world of notices is increasingly being invaded by the "Polite Notice" title. Why do we need that? Why not just "Notice"? Or why not simply "Parking for Beach Cottage only"?

An unusual and rather nice tribute on a bench.

Haven't seen that sign before. Pretty clear meaning.

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