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From California to Bosham, Hampshire, by Julia Carter

Julia, 12, flew over from California and joined the walk to Bosham.

I went on a walk with my uncle, Uncle Laurence, my dad, and 3 others. I am a 12 year old kid from England, and moved to California. My life is pretty simple, I go to school, I get good grades, I’m active, and have good friends. The walk with Uncle Laurence was good and interesting. It was beautiful, fun, and a good way for me to get to know my uncle. I never remember meeting Aunt Melitta, but I have heard many stories of her and how sweet and kind she was.

Taking the path less travelled - lots of options!

I have heard of the HPV vaccination, and I have had it, because every 7th grader and up is required to have it. I looked it up just to be sure I know what it is, and I think that it is good to have it. Not many kids know how it benefits them, but I don’t think that matters. Just as long as they acknowledge and have had it. I really liked the walk, and thought it was a perfect example of English countryside. I loved the view, the thatched roofs, the little lakes, and the history of Bosham.

Note the pheasant on the thatched roof - the "signature" of the thatcher.

Some advice I have for my uncle is that he needs a cancer logo or at least the colors. Civilians need to know precisely what he wants to raise awareness for. I also think it is a smart idea to get an instagram and definitely a facebook account for 3500ToEndIt. He can post facts and pictures of his walks, and post links to give T-shirts away, or also just provide information on cancer and also encourage others. He needs to interact with social media, because everyone checks it, needs it, and has it with them. Overall, Uncle Laurence is a pretty cool guy, and what he is doing is amazing, he just needs to raise even more awareness.

Doors are short in Bosham...because the tide is sometimes high!

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