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Melitta's Dog Training

A tribute from Lisa Daniels:


Melitta was a member of Capital Dog Training Club from early 2008 until just a few months before her death in September 2015.   She was involved in nearly every aspect of the Club.  Over those seven years, she served on the board as Obichaff editor, kept track of Capital Points, and stewarded for many a trial. She was always willing to help with fundraisers.

Melitta took nearly every class the club offered: from Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Obedience through Utility: Rally Novice through Excellent; Tricks; Tracking; Agility; and beyond. In six years, she went from being completely unaware of the Companion Dog Competition world to putting a CDX, RE, and two legs of Utility on her beautiful standard poodle, Cino, as well as a CD and RE on her sweet Shih Tzu, Ella.

Melitta was a fierce competitor with high standards for herself and her dogs, but was unfailingly supportive of her fellow club members, and loved a good time with the best of us. She always had Cino (and sometimes Ella, who didn’t like it much) decked out for the costume competition at the annual holiday party. At the last holiday party, Melitta and Ella tied for the win in the ever-popular and extremely difficult hot dog retrieve contest among over 20 competitors.

In the year or so before acquiring Cino and beginning her foray into Companion Dog events, Melitta also fostered, in succession, seven greyhounds retired from the racetrack, and found them all good homes.

Melitta & Cino
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