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A series of work/life lessons from the walk, as posted on my LinkedIn page each week.

#1: Checklists work, but they take real discipline to use.

I’ve walked for over 80 days. I’ve forgotten something on over 20 days. The map, the sunscreen, my cap, the battery charger. Usually only one thing. Nothing devastating, but it was awkward. After a long walk I returned to the car park to pick up the camper van and…it wasn’t there. Two car parks half a mile apart, and I’d picked the wrong one. The day I didn't check the bus times, I missed the last service by 15 minutes. Solution: a 25 pound taxi ride. One day I only turned on Strava two miles into the walk. At the end of the leg, my friend insisted that we walk the missed section again.


If only I’d written down the 12-15 items... But I was sure I’d naturally remember them. Atul Gawande's "The Checklist Manifesto" describes how aviation and health have been transformed by simple checklists. But many opposed, feeling it was demeaning.


I’ve had a lesson in humility. I knew a checklist would be useful. But I didn’t write one out and use it. And I suffered the consequences.



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