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About Laurence

3500toendit - Laurence Carter


When not walking around England and Wales, I live in Bethesda, Maryland, with two dogs, parakeets and a pond full of goldfish. I'm lucky to work for a very understanding employer, the World Bank Group, which has given me a year off to go walkabout. I've worked in development for most of my career, and have been lucky enough to live in some wonderful places, including Botswana, Malawi (where Melitta and I met), the South Atlantic island of St Helena, Swaziland, Poland and the United States.


I cannot claim expertise in anything but I do enjoy sport and follow teams which have the capacity to sometimes thrill and often disappoint - Chelsea, England, the Washington Redskins etc. I have three wonderful children, Emily, Nic, and Georgie, and many great friends. Sometimes I enjoy a run, and more often I enjoy a beer.  

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Local Radio

BBC Lancashire (John Gilmore and Shigufta Khan)

BBC Cumbria (Mike Zeller) 

Radio Tyneside (Yvonne Bell)

BBC Newcastle (Stephanie Finnon)

Yorkshire Coast Radio 

BBC Humberside (Andy Comfort)

BBC Lincolnshire (Melvyn Prior)

Endeavour Radio (Dylan Taylor)

BBC Norfolk (Matt Gudgin)

KLFM96.7 (Norfolk; Chris Craddock, Grace McGachy)

BBC Suffolk (Lesley Dolphin)

BBC Essex (Ray Clarke)

Actual Radio (Essex, Andre Kimche)

Chelmer Radio (Essex, David Baker)

95.6 BRFM (Kent, Peter Finch)

More Radio (Kent, Jamie)

SFM Radio (Kent, Steve Catchpole)

Seaford Radio (Martha Swift)

Sheppy FM

Seaford Radio (Reg Dove)

BBC Sussex (Sarah Gorell)

My walking guidelines


  • Enjoy it!  (Even when the wind is howling and the rain is coming horizontally)

  • Take the time to appreciate the landscape, history, flora, fauna and the people I meet.

  • Keep as close to the coast as possible.

  • Cross rivers by the nearest bridge; no ferries.

  • If I come across an island, and there’s a bridge to it, I’ll walk around it.

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